Living in New England

Snowing with Christy and Chaz
iving in New England
is a compilation of my adventures of moving New England. So to understand the concept of this adventure, which chronicles the moments of pure joy, bliss, confusion, transition, amazement, soul searching, and extraordinary experiences compiled in the writings and stories of this section of the travel blog, then first I must give you the background for “Living in New England”.

I am originally from the South, the State of Georgia to be exact, where I grew up and have spent the last 21 years of my professional career working in two school districts as a K12 administrator in Public Education. My last district I hail from, holds a very strong place in my heart for the friendship, the experiences and the comradery of the community. Jones County is your true modern day Mayberry where everyone knows you. A place where everyone expects to see you on Friday Nights on the sidelines taking pictures for Friday Night Lights. We are Southern, so naturally, Friday night football is considered one of our religions during the football season. But not just that, Jones is a place where if you needed something, someone was there to help, support, or just tag along for the adventure. It’s a place that made taking an opportunity to move to New England tough, even though I knew the opportunity was once in a lifetime.

In May of 2016, I had the opportunity to attend a course at Harvard University through the Graduate School of Education for Emerging Leaders and School Superintendents. I have always had the bucket list items of “take a course at an Ivey League school” on the list. Never did I image, that course would evolve itself into a degree program. So here I am. Living in New England. A transplanted Southerner in the midst of a fast paced adventure that takes on everything New England from driving in Boston, experiencing Cambridge, studying at Harvard, living in New Hampshire just across the state border, hiking in the White Mountains, taking on the daunting 48 (New England’s highest summits), joining a new school system and having the opportunity to return to my summers on Lake Winnipesaukee at a place that stole my heart for a lifetime during my college summers, Camp Robindel.

Over a series of articles, I give to you, from a Southerners perspective, loving life, “Living in New England”. Enjoy the adventure with me!  Click here for the list of Posts “Living in New England” and be sure to give me a follow on Social Media To follow along on this great adventure and adventures around the World.