Children of the Bateyes

Children of the bateyes are the children of immigrant hatian sugarcane workers in the Republic of Dominican.  Their parents working for around $2 a day to harvest the cane, the people of the Bateyes live in settlements mainly built of coconut wood houses with thatch or tin roofs.  Some homes or community buildings are constructed of a poorly made cinder blocks to create structures for small churches, or gathering pavillions.   The children of the bateyes often do not have shoes, many clothes or the basic necessities.  These communities are some of the most destitute and poverty stricken areas of the country where a number of the bateyes don’t even have clean running water, in most bateyes clean water is non-existent contributing to disease and sickness among those who live there.

Children miss the basic education needed to reach beyond the sugarcane fields as they grow up and often follow in the steps of their parents working in the fields cutting cane with machetes from sun up to sundown following a generational trend. Often, the children are denied the paperwork for legal residents which would afford them healthcare and education.

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