Affiliate Program Partnerships

Affiliate Programs are partnerships between companies and webpage authors and bloggers.  Throughout the blog, you will find the growing list of affiliates that are associated with One Focus One World Adventure Blog, and  Your support by clicking active links throughout the blog, including stories, top 10 sections, guides or the travel knowledge sections does several things:

1. As the reader, you are provided insight into a product that I use in the field, so it is tested and tried. 

2. in some cases, the link provides you a discount code on the product

3. it is a source of funding that helps offset the cost of running the website / blog. 

So read away at the stories and photography about this amazing world and these crazy adventures.  Click away, for more product information and some discounts which supports future content.  

Thanks for stopping by.  If you are a company interested in partnering, please click here for the Contact Me section for more information.  

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