Hi, thank you for visiting the One Focus One World Adventure Blog.  I am Christy, the founder and CIO of EdTrekker and One Focus One World Adventure Blog.  I am an avid traveler and a public school administrator.  My travels are a collection from long weekends, to long school breaks to see the world and tackle some of the most daunting adventures.   I started traveling independently in 1993 and have not stopped seeing the world.  That’s nearly 25 years of travel experiences.  Travel gave me something that formal education could not fully provide for me and that simply was a world to fully explore beyond the textbook.  Travel let me meet people along the way, to learn and experience other cultures and the greatest gift of seeing and listening intently to the experience and to the stories of the people and the places I traveled to.Harvard Quad Pictures of Christy

“The sound of a hammer echoing through the mountains in Ollytaytambo, Peru as villagers worked on a new construction, the muffled chatter of their voices echoed through the hillsides as I sat on the trail watching the sunset over the village in the Andes Mountains. It is moments like that which remind us of our being, our relationships with this world, and it reminds us to live in the moment.  In our bustle of the everyday, many of us often forget to just slow down, listen and truly see the world around us.”

As an Educator, I have had the wonderful opportunity to speak across the nation to school groups and organizations about being an Adventurer and photographer.  I am a firm believer, we must be the catalyst to encouraging, inspiring and motivating our students to be global citizens and adventurers of tomorrow.  We have so much that is uncharted and so many experiences to be had, shouldn’t we work to share the world and what amazing places and people who are a part of our planet?  My passion, my work is to do just that.  We can make a difference and we can inspire our kids to be the next great explorer, adventurer, connoisseur of the world.  To do so, we must share our experiences to inspire, to teach.

Co Piloting a flight in Houston TexasOne Focus One World Adventure Blog originated as a way to share the stories from the road, the photography of amazing places and to chronicle the adventures in a pre-social media world.  Over the years, the Adventure Blog continues to be that visual story platform, but it is also evolving to be a travel resource, a community of members, a place to read the stories and experience the adventure vicariously through the words and images.  One Focus One World lives the slogan of “Capturing Life as It Unfolds”.  

EdTrekker is the educational side of One Focus One World.  EdTrekker has been developed to be the platform for growing educational resources, visual storytelling, photography guides and instructional material and public speaking engagements focused on the K12 Education environments.  To support existing curriculums and lesson plans and to bring portions of the lesson to life.  Integrated technologies like 360 photography, virtual and augmented realities, photography and video content is bringing the stories alive with immersive experiences and conversations.  EdTrekker is the dream that has been in the  making for over 10 years, and now EdTrekker is gaining footing in the educational and travel blogging industries.

As of this writing, I have traveled to over 40 countries.  Summitted Kilimanjaro and other notable mountains around the world, experienced a few village riots and one military coup d’état.  I have co-piloted a plane as I was learning to fly, realizing I probably would like flying a helicopter better.  Leaped from the cliffs in Lima, Peru paragliding over the city and I have been as far North as Coldfoot, Alaska chasing Northern lights and been in sub-zero temperatures reaching a frigid -57° to sweltering, humid jungles of Central and South America trekking in triple digit temperatures with swarming mosquitos searching for the elusive jaguar.  Life has been and is one of the greatest adventures.

I hope you enjoy the blog posts for One Focus One World Adventure Blog and the work EdTrekker is doing.  Follow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/onefocusoneworld or select any of the options that are available from the website to connect, and be sure to subscribe to the blog for post notifications.  Engage in the conversations on social media, I love feedback, comments and questions, so feel free to reach out and let me know.  

See you on the road!  Be very well!


Summit of Kilimanjaro 2012

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