When $40 Flies you Around the World

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When $40 Flies You Around the World  (Click to Watch Video Interview)

By Shonti Tager : Updated: Thu, 09 Jan 2014 11:14:13 EST
She made it to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, but Christy Prosser of Jones County had doubts in her mind before she stepped one foot on the base of Africa’s tallest peak back in December of 2012.

The airline that brought her to Africa had lost the experienced climber’s luggage, including all her gear.

Luckily, Prosser, who works her day job at the Jones County Board of Education, was able to rent and borrow gear to get her to the top.

But the best thing about that error may have been the special compensation she was eventually awarded by the airline. To make up for losing her luggage, they gave her enough credits to travel around the world for only $40.

“It was going to be an opportunity to fly around the world, and stop at multiple locations throughout, from one place to another, and traverse through about 24-thousand miles to come back home,” Prosser said.

In November, Prosser cashed in.

Her 12-day trip over Thanksgiving break took her from icy winter in Germany and Norway, to the tropics of Thailand and Vietnam, to Japan, and back home to middle Georgia.

“Some of the best cultures and things that you can see out there, experience new places, new locations, meeting people, it’s just fabulous. Extremely, just a great experience,” Prosser said.

After seven plane rides and tens of thousands of miles around the globe, Prosser found herself in the middle of a revolution, hearing explosions and gunfire during a political uprising in the Southeast Asian country of Thailand.

“It was part of making history,” she said. “It also had its unnerving moments as well, just because you weren’t always aware of what was going to happen next. We would hear pops and gunfire in the distance, we would hear the whistles blowing and that would give us a good point to tell us that we need to start taking cover, getting out of the streets.”

Back home in Jones County, Prosser says she plans to share her experience with as many people as possible.

“That gives us the opportunity to talk to kids and share these experiences with them, and say, ‘You know, there’s a world past these county lines, past our state lines.’ Maybe it’s that spark that will help us get more and more explorers and adventurers for tomorrow.”

Even after her once in a lifetime trip Prosser says she’s not done. She next plans to travel to the Himalayas to train for an attempted summit climb of Mt. Everest.

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Christy Prosser

Adventurer and Photojournalist exploring our world and capturing life as it unfolds along the way through photography.

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