The Which Ballot Box to Check Decision – The 2016 US Presidential Election

Which Ballot Box to Check – The 2016 US Presidential Election

You will seldom find a post from me in regards to politics or religion. I have learned over the years if you want a good heated debate, bring either of these two topics up. If you want to loose friends of strong opinions of opposing views, then bring one of these topics up. However, in light of the upcoming national event, aka “that election”. We are all faced with making a decision. “Which Ballot box to check”. We are faced with a choice of selection to who will lead this country and do so for the next 4 years. But your decision and this election; it’s bigger than and further reaching than just 4 years.

The decision Americans will make will determine a number of long term impacts on all of America. The majority vote for a President, will influence who is appointed to the Supreme Court (an appointment for life, not just 4 years), this vote will influence how our taxes are raised or lowered, how our country responds to threats or acts of terrorism, including how a nation is brought together in unity if an event impacts our soil and our fellow Americans on our homeland, not divide it further. This election impacts how our economy grows, tanks or chokes along, how public education is supported, transformed or not supported, how sustainable energies are used, our healthcare options which impacts our newborns to our elderly and all in between and this election will forge how Americans will begin to come together over race, disparities, and our justice system of differing opinions and do so with respect. This election impacts how people can truly have open academic fact based discussions not just held to a university classroom discussions, because you as a voter chose to become well informed and this election impacts how we begin to move past trite name calling, finger pointing, blame shifting adults and move to a platform of leadership and prosperity to the future of this Country. Our Children and their children’s futures.

The face of this Nation and how we stand in the presence of the World as a super power or even just a Good Nation is at stake. The World is watching every moment of the days ahead and the outcomes of the people’s choice. We may mock, critique, joke and disrespect those whose names are on the ballot, the government, the decisions. But be reminded, those names arrived on this ballot or in those government offices by choice of the American people, (you voted for either or other and the majority rules- this is part of a Democracy) whether if you agree or disagree, like or dislike, the votes the American people cast brought us to where we are. And where we are is a very transformative time.

I encourage you, each of you, to think past 4 years. Research platforms your candidate or candidates for election have proposed and where he or she stands on matters that are important to you. Fact check the information you read and you seek. Think not only about today, but 4 years down the road and how decisions now can transform the next decade and decades to come.

My friends, a newsfeed in social media and media can be informative, opinion based or propaganda. This is called freedom of speech, freedom of press but it doesn’t mean just because you speak it, or read it, it is accurate delivery of information. Fact check. Be a well informed voter. But be a voter.

See, all tomorrows matters to me. So does humanity, good will, a safe and respectful World, a World that is kind, a World that stands up for doing the right thing and supporting innovations, education, healthy competitions, economic growth and prosperity for all. These things matter.

Negativity, people, it’s gotten old. It’s time to step up, get informed (current, historical and current platforms) be a voice of reason and a voice of problem solving. Get involved in the process, but do so with an intent for a better tomorrow for all, not just self gain. Be respectful and open to discussion, open to trial and error, open to a vision, to ideas. If not, we are and will be no better than we stand today. A Nation divided among itself.

Get out and vote, be informed. And regardless of how this turns out, one of those names on that voter’s ballot moves from candidate to President. We owe it to our Nation to support a process that strengthens our Country. Get involved in positive action for all.

Do the math.

Of leading party lines, just by sheer numbers alone, the candidate to President will be a major party candidate. Casting a vote for a liberal or Green Party member satisfies your choice but not the outcome to an Independent Party President. The majority, if not all US states, will support a major party candidate in the end. (The National ads, which run in every state are among two candidates of party majority, not smaller party’s and constituencies).


Celebrate in the fact that after the election, regardless of who wins, all those campaign signs and political commercials will go away. #positivethinking

[ It is unfortunate though, that all the monies wasted on political rallies, negative commercials, “vote for” signs and ads (in the millions +), even in good elections, could not be used instead to build on public education redesign and innovations, new technologies, medical research, supporting and preserving national parks and wilderness areas, aerospace exploration, transportation infrastructure repairs and upgrades, and so many more positive, impactful uses with an actual standing long term results that would benefit all Americans. ]

I am not posting for a platform of who you support or don’t support nor a platform for negativity or critique. Your vote is your choice. Your opinion is yours.

Reality Reminder: We all will get up after Election Day and go about our daily routines. #DontLooseFriendsOverOpinions


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