Colonies of Skunks, Tall Ships and Time Zones

The great North Woods adventure continues.  Over the past few months, adventures have been from the simple, to the surprising to the amazing.  Tall Ships sailing in the Atlantic Ocean, teaching Daisy Cat to be a rocking trail cat and standing on summit of Mt. Washington are just a few of the adventures.  This coming weekend will bring lighthouse-1a big road trip towards Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  We will travel the Maine coastline towards Bar Harbor, jump the border into New Brunswick and spend some time at Hopewell Rocks at the Bay of Fundy then onward to Nova Scotia and Cabots Trail.  Our hope is to catch an early glimpse of the Fall preview of the Northern Lights while chasing the picturesque points of light houses and amazing landscapes and maybe even a puffin is the plan.
tall-shipsThe days continue to get shorter and as they say, soon night time will occur just hours after lunch with a typical dusk around 3:30 and sunset on an average of 4:22pm.  So currently, as shorter days approach, the latest movement continues for Boston and some more eastern reaching New England states to bail on the Eastern Time Zone and join the Atlantic Time Zone so we could gain some extra daylight time and make sunset actually be a reasonable hour, versus a sundown a few minutes after lunch.  I for one, vote aye to more daylight hours.  For some reason, at least daylight will at least make the 12 degree temperature seem not so frigid. Its all a mindset, right?  Either way, I totally vote for leaving the eastern time zone and joining the ranks of  Boliva, Cuba, Nova Scotia and Labrador. Seems fitting, well if you want to read more about Boston having a later sunset, here is what Bloomberg has to say about it.  It’s a psychological win to make 12 degrees not seem as hypothermic deadly. So either way, I just keep buying more and more much warmer clothing, you know the kind rated at minus 65 degrees.

 We have had our share of woodchuck experiences, those are some fat, fluffy critters with quite a bark. Just slightly territorial and they may just have a sweet tooth, but I certainly could not confirm that the consumption of a doughnut by said woodchuck would confirm their sweet tooth.

The fall temperatures are quickly edging on us, it does seem everything is making its last resorts for winter preparations, hence what I am sure is an entire skunk colony.  That must be made up of at least fifty skunk families.  Ok, so maybe that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it does only take one to be unhappy to make square miles smell, and when the squirting skunk tail goes off, it drives Chaz crazy sniffing everywhere to determine where the smell is coming from.  I constantly remind him, tomato juice baths, best to leave that hunt alone.  I am equally sure the squirting skunk fragrance is obviously on a timer.  You would think, they would run out spray.

I wish, they would run out of spray, too.

However, I originally had convinced myself the skunk smell was not a skunk but my neighbors grilling abilities and choice of dinner, but that soon was a dismissed idea when a family of skunks scurried across the pavement while actively chattering to each other. You could say, it was an ah ha moment compounded with an oh crap moment.  At least bad grilling neighbors would stop grilling come cold weather, skunks, not so.

Barry the bear has been elusive lately, probably a good idea to be self relocating, but I am more sure its called winter den preparations.  I can agree and I completely understand.  It’s August, only a blaring 100 degrees in the South but we have already had 40 degree mornings and every morning now is nice and crisp and some even warrant a light jacket.

The Fall Festivals begin in two weekends and will run for 6 weeks.  Apple cider, pumpkin spice and local fairs and plenty of apples will soon be everything that fills the air and weekend plans for many. The photography should be amazing filled with fall leaves and colors of leaves in lake reflections.  I only have 952 lakes to choose from so maybe one of them will be a waddle for Bullwinkle.

The adventure continues…

Signing off tonight from a great place on earth.

Be Very Well my friends.

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