Chaz’s Day

Chaz’s Day

Run, run, run in circles….Mom’s holding my Kurgo car booster seat. Bark, Bark! I am so excited. Let’s go!

We went to Petsmart where I owned that store like a boss, I barked (loudly) at everything. Mom was telling me to be quiet but I could not contain my excitement so I barked more. For some reason though, we stopped going down aisles with people and fish on them so I just stopped barking. Sigh! Empty aisle are no fun Mom. Then, this nice lady checked us out, since it was all my snacks, I gave here a very big kiss (right on her glasses). Then she petted me on the head and then I was startled by the loud voice that went over the store.

The voice said, “clean up at register 1”.

I guess maybe, I might have been a little responsible for that puddle. Sorry, I just was so excited I could not contain my ‘excitement”.

We also went to one of those hardware stores and I decided while Mom was talking to the nice guy about lumber that I would pull off two of the hibiscus blooms of the new plant we were getting. She is ignoring me right now, so there, take that plant!

By the way, mom noticed. 

Then we went across town and spent time with Allen at the Ark. Allen is awesome, he tells us all about saltwater fish. We brought a sea anemone home and mom reached in the bag to move him to the aquarium and then that’s when for some reason we stayed in the office standing by the aquarium for the next 30 minutes. Then I realized he was scared and he was wrapped around mom’s thumb until he was ready to let go. Mom was very patient, but I wasn’t so patient. I wanted to go play in the blue plastic thing mom got. Not sure what it is but I am sure I can tote it off or chew it up.


It has water in it. Bark!  Wait! It’s a giant water bowl.

This rocks, I can stand in my water bowl and drink water too.

I am exhausted now, it was a lot of hard work keeping mom on task today and I learned how to put my head under water too. So I am going to take that well deserved nap while mom works at the computer.   See, my plan worked perfectly today, I knew that it was going to be a good day when I jumped back in bed this morning with my metal dog bowl and dropped it on mom’s head to get up.

Signing off from Middle Georgia… The Chaz!

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