Into the Arctic Circle on a Dog Sled Team? Let’s Finish the Story…

AN EPIC ADVENTURE into the wilds of the icy tundra of the Arctic Circle.

A photographic documentary of adventure of first hand experiences of mushing a dog sled team across the frozen landscape in the land of the midnight sun, the etching of faint light dancing in the skies as twilight nears and the aurora borealis displays a spectacle of green and yellow rays of light as light quivers and jumps in the sky like a symphony telling a story of vikings and folklore of the northern latitudes….

I can only finish the story if you send me to the Arctic with your votes…. But to do so you must VOTE for my entry in Fjallraven Polar 2015 Competition. Time is running out.  It all ends with a winner on December 12th.  That Winner for the USA is determined by the USA entry with the highest number of votes.  WE can do this.  Let’s Get Georgia there!  Let’s let an entry from the State of Georgia be the representative for the US in this competition…. but I can’t do this without YOU, without your VOTE.


Adventure is the core and pulse of life…


Yes, this is crazy. Yes it’s going to be cold. But what an adventure!!!

Vote and share through 6 PM December 12th!! We can do this!

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Christy Prosser

Adventurer and Photojournalist exploring our world and capturing life as it unfolds along the way through photography.

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