The Polar Competition Begins…


Fjallraven Polar 2015 will send 1 person from each Country who has the highest number of votes to mush a dog sled team crossing into the Arctic Circle in the spring of 2015. In order to get there, to race across the Arctic, I must have your VOTE and your FRIEND’s VOTE. Let’s get the Georgia represented in the Arctic Circle! I cannot get there without you. Share the link, invite friends to this event with the link and information and together, let’s go north. As a photojournalist, I look forward to being able to take you on a visual journey through photographs and stories from the adventures of mushing a dog sled team. Let’s do this! Click on this link to cast your vote:


Yes, this is crazy. Yes it’s going to be cold. But what an adventure!!!

Vote and share through 6 PM December 12th!! We can do this!

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Christy Prosser

Adventurer and Photojournalist exploring our world and capturing life as it unfolds along the way through photography.

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