Traveling through Phnom Penh


We have awakened this morning to the chaotic bustle of street 128 this morning, motobikes zipping by and dogs barking. Fortunately it is too early to be overwhelmed yet by the fish market on the street over. Phnom Penh is very different than Saigon. There seems to be more westerners here passing through and respectively then there is more begging in this district. The ancient wood boats sail the Mekong and Tonie Sap rivers. The Tonie Sap is the only river in the world that reverses its direction for about a month each year. Now the river is flowing southeast but in a few weeks it will flow north.

The streets are numbered for name, but randomly. Just because you are on street 38 does not mean 39 is next, more like number 172. Things have very little rationale order here but it works.

Motobikes are the means of transportation here, and no one acknowledges a street light, apparently they are just for decoration and pretty lights at night. But certainly not for traffics control. It’s as if to say, if I want to go here (point A) then naturally the quickest way to get there is a straight line, mind you that would be directly in front of traffics moving the other way. It’s a who cares mindset when it comes to moving in traffics and about yourself getting there on the shortest route though not the quickest when the motobike has created a traffic gridlock for the interwoven mix of cars, buses and motobikes pointing in all directions. I could not even call it controlled chaos, it’s just madness, that oddly works in some irrational way.

We will go to the killing fields today and to the royal palace among other sites in the city today, so it will be interesting to delve deeper into the history of Cambodia. More pictures to come. Stay tuned and have a good evening as we here are starting up the next day with a bustle of a waking city.

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