13.1 Miles: The Half Marathon Lines of Encouragement

13.1 Lines for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon – Savannah, GA:

In Running Savannah today, runners were encouraged on by some pretty great signs and posters: Here are a few sign quotes from today that I read as we ran the half marathon:

At the start line:

(1) you paid too much for those shoes,

(2) Fart, you will go faster

(3) you got this

(4) You can thank me now for making you look faster

(5) you are all kenyans to me

(6) Thank you God for letting someone be behind me to read this shirt…that means I am not last

(7) At mile five, the fart doesn’t help anymore

(8) Hey you, yes you…perfect stranger, i am cheering for you

(9) the gold medal waits for you, run (this one is yelled from the crowd and must be said in your best Bayou voice)

(10) thank you for supporting my town (from a local cop)

(11) go perfect stranger

(12) don’t stop now, zombies are chasing you and the best one for last

(13.1) Your running better than our government.

Hope you enjoyed reading these as much as we enjoyed reading them while running the course. What a great experience today and experienced with 20,000 of my closest friends. United in the spirit of running.

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