An Unbreakable Bond

The pursuit of adventure has no boundaries and knows no limits.  Its a pursuit to exceed personal expectations. Its the drive to change the mindset of what is humanly possible.  It’s a sense of achievement that is insurmountable by any means and unparalleled in the sense of accomplishment.

It is the drive that is deeply embedded in those that seek adventure.   Very few outside the adventure spectrum can truly grasp the magnitude of the passion. But what comes from pushing limits is something greater than the accomplishment of making your summit.  That “something greater” is the bond you develop with those around you when you are all pushing the limits.  A bond that is innate and so deeply embedded upon the first greeting that friendships are immediately sealed and the newly formed “team” begins to function as one very well oiled machine in sync with every step, every movement, and every thought.  Where every struggle, every stumble and every fall is felt amongst the group and every triumph is celebrated. 

The environment often harsh and unforgiving, the days long and the nights cold.  But one thing remains constant and it is the bond that is developed over each waking hour of each day.

In time you understand the magnitude of the unbreakable bond and rightfully so, that bond will walk you to the line of life or death and those who were complete strangers  just days before will protect you at all costs.  Even when the stakes are high and there may not be a point of return, there exists no hesitation in stepping up to be the words of encouragement, the extra set of hands, the extra push, or standing between the gun and target.

I have over time walked many trails and many miles. I have climbed high rock faces throughout the world and I can tell you, language has no barrier when it comes to the pursuit of adventure.  The draw is the kindred spirit of the challenge and the passion that is irrefutably the underlying origination of the adventure.

If you have not climbed, you will not understand.  If you have not mountaineered you will not understand, if you have not fully released your whole being to achieve a goal that exceeds what you think is possible, you will not understand.

If you have stood on summits and looked across this great place we call earth, then you smiled in the first few lines of reading this as you know the unbreakable bonds that are  created when you challenge yourself to achieve what most call impossible or  some will call senseless pursuits. 

Adventure will take you to the limits, it will take you past your expectations and it can equally haunt you to fill the void.  Yet, most will not understand it’s pull and its magnitude to push harder, go further, climb higher. 

But like any adventure, big or small, you must take the first steps to pushing limits.  Those limits may be simply going from the couch to 5k then ultimately marathons.  Changing a mindset, changing a perception, changing the day to day routine. 

Least we forget that everyday is an adventure, it may not entail high mountains and hypothermic conditions or active volcanoes.  But it does include the people around you.  You get to choose how you see your adventure and what role you play.  Do not hesitate, do not back down, do not walk away.  Embrace that which is before you and build your own “unbreakable bonds.”

Not everyone will climb mountains, they do not have too, the biggest mountains moved are those which a team is formed, a relationship is built and goals are achieved.  Remember, every triumph has a foundation that supports the actions and rallies for the pivotal moments that bring change, bring success and celebrates triumph. 

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Christy Prosser

Adventurer and Photojournalist exploring our world and capturing life as it unfolds along the way through photography.

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