What is your Epic?

I am often asked what is the most memorable place I have traveled or the most interesting moment I have encountered in my travels. Over the years, those moments have accumulated to a lifetime of experiences that range from fat cats lounging around the ruins of Italy to armed farmers upset over vegetable prices set by the government in third worlds to standing in the presence of Presidents and Popes. Certainly a rich and diverse experience in seeing the world.

Some experiences resonate so strongly that it impacts the group or sometimes those experiences were meant just for you. Recently, traveling through East Africa, a journey to Simba Camp was like traveling through the Garden of Eden where life was simple and the landscape past words, where the real world stopped and peace and harmony simply overflowed. Striking an emotional chord that no words could explain. Similarly, standing in the crowds in Vatican Square gave a vibe of excitement, spirituality and peace as people waited to hear the Pope speak to the masses gathered.

While other times, riding through rubble filled streets as hands reach for food and help can tear at the stings of your heart like no other moment in your life.

Years back traveling through Central America I came across a small catholic church in the town of Cartago. Drawn into the church by the beautiful stain glass windows, as a photographer, they were a drawing card just waiting to be photographed as the afternoon light shown in light rays across the church interior. As I was photographing the windows I heard a weeping sound behind me and stepped back to see what was going on. What I saw was extraordinary. A young man had knelt to his knees at the back of the church and was crawling down the isle of the church towards the alter, weeping as he slowly made his way. His belief in a greater being so strong he was removed from even knowing I was in the church, his strength in his belief so profound he felt he was not worthy to stand before God.

It is those moments that shape how we live our lives. Each moment etched into cultivating who we are.

No matter who you are, you are going to come back and see your country differently, you are going to see things first hand, you are going to understand that for some, a days work is walking miles and miles just to get water and your going to see that what lies outside our doorsteps are ways of life most people will never see or understand. Your going to be overwhelmed by the sensory overload. Your going to see the world differently.

So grab your backpack a camera and a passport, see the world and build your list of unbelievable moments.

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Christy Prosser

Adventurer and Photojournalist exploring our world and capturing life as it unfolds along the way through photography.

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