Lake Naivasha Safari

Lake Naivasha


Naivasha is a market town in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya, lying north west of Nairobi. It is located along the Nairobi – Nakuru highway and Uganda Railway.

Our group stayed at the Fisherman’s Camp for the night after we arrived in Naivasha today for our overlanding trip of East Africa. The campsite at fish camp was filled with Marabu Storks that would stalk us as we pitched our tents this afternoon. Just imagine having an enormous prehistoric bird(s) carefully and inquisitively watching every move you make, each one of them [storks] just waiting for you to leave anything unattended. Loose your guard for a moment and lose what you were guarding quickly. These giant storks had a wingspan that measured ten feet when spread and often when taking flight, they would sound like a huge wind turbine gaining speed trying to get lift just to get off the ground.

If the storks chose to land in a tree, we could hear the cracking of the tree branch from their weight, which certainly was a quick lesson for us to move our tents from under the trees.  Having either the branch or the stork land on you in the night would not have been welcomed.

Early the next morning, we left the campsite for our  water safari on Lake Naivasha.  An African safari by boat which took us around a lake filled with vibrant pink flamingos and grumpy hippos. The constant roar and snorts of the hippos were a bit unnerving at times since naturally the hippo is notorious for being territorial, our guide knowing this, would quickly move the boat away from a hippo group, especially when one would disappear below the water’s surface.  I, of course, would just grip the boat’s edges a bit tighter each time one of the hippos would disappear then resurface near our little boat.  A snort, a grunt and a puff of water in distaste of our proximity to them and then as quickly as they appeared the hippo would sink below the water’s surface leaving behind only a few air bubble as he disappeared into the murky waters. Fortunately for us today the hippos were not interested in tossing a couple of humans around in the water and they graciously allowed us to see the wilds of Lake Naivasha.

Signing off tonight from Fish Camp, Lake Naivasha, Kenya

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