Meeting the Maasai of Kenya

In our travels overland we had the opportunity to meet a Maasai Tribe in Western Kenya.  The Maasai are a traditional semi-nomadic tribe that maintains their traditions of living off the savannahs.  The traditional lifestyle of the Maasai centers around the cattle, the men will herd their cattle from sunrise to sunset daily while the women spend the day gathering and preparing food, taking care of the children and maintaining the hut.  The typical Maasai Inkajijik (home) is constructed of timber and small branches then plastered with a mix of mud, grass, cow dung, ash and human urine.  The traditional use of the cow dung ensures the house is waterproofed.

Our group was invited inside one of the homes in the Boma and introduced to a typical arrangement where as each family had a very small space to cook, eat, and sleep.  While a larger space of the hut was designated as the location to keep smaller livestock safe at night from being taken by a predator.  Each Inkajijik had only one small window for light, the construction of the home allowed for no additional light to enter.  The typical home lasts 9 years before a new home must be constructed due to termite damage.


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