Back in Nairobi

Finally I at least have a sleeping bag for the next part of the trip. Really nice little item to have when your sleeping in a tent. I was introduced to Patrick this morning who is suppose to be the guru bag collector, so lets hope he can work some magic. At best at this point, if the bag is located I will basically pick it up to only recheck to to return to the states. The lesson in packing for travels future forward will be carry on and buy if need.

I am back in the city for tonight, and getting the final assortment ready for tomorrow. it’s a beautiful afternoon here so sitting by the open windows in the room just sort of taking it all in and getting excited for the game drives ahead in the next few days.

In the meantime, this morning, Several of us hired one of the guides to take us about the city today to gather odds and ends and see a few local sites. We went by the giraffe center, this is where the giraffe manor is, it’s a hotel that is open to you as the guest as well as the free roaming giraffes. Needless to say dropping $600 a night to have a giraffe drop in on you while your sleeping was not in the budget for this trip. Mind you, I will have any array of Africa’s game pass by the tent free of charge in the next few days.

At the giraffe center we met Helen and Daisy (they would be giraffes naturally) who enjoyed giving lots of love to those passing by. Being shlopped upside the head by a stringing slobbery giraffe tongue was a first. No worries, we will definitely be taking a shower tonight, giraffe slobber is not the best aroma.

Onward to the elephant orphanage to see the babies that had been rescued and were being rehabilitated was neat to see, they of course added a little mud to the giraffe slobber, so yes, will be doing sink laundry again as well.

So the final piece of today was by far the most bizarre encounter. Now I do prize myself in the open minded travel ideas and for the most part have the belief that you should try the local beat as often as possible. So Edmond takes us to an open market for lunch. Ok, flag one, open market. Then he takes us to a butcher, you see flag two. The young butcher comes out of his makeshift food stand with a big knife, an old wooden cutting board and piles of cooked meat on the board. Now let me explain this cutting board to you, Take a square piece of plywood and leave it out in the rain for a few days, let it crack, grain split and change shape a little bit, now lets bring it back in, not wash it and use it to serve food on. Will call that flag three. Christy became a vegetarian instantly. But amused by the carefree inexperience of my fellow travelers I followed suite to watch this lunch play out. More meat is added to the wooden board, a pile of large grain salt on the corner and a flat greasy bread tossed on top then comes a bag of green mush, yes mush because it was exactly that. Potatoes, corn, cabbage and whatever else you might like to imagine all mushed up together to make what looked like green speckled mashed potatoes. This is when the butcher says, for you, the vegetarian. This is when I simply became just not hungry right now. The pile of food on an old wooden board is dropped on a plastic table and all those brave enough to have there mini fear factor jumped right in eating with there hands and pulling from the same piles of meat or mush. Ok, now my ocd clean is thoroughly kicked in. I mean I am watching rats run down the corridor and the guys eating are constantly swatting the flies away. What part of this is not screaming cipro diet or hepatitis to these guys I don’t know. So in amusement I watch on with the cander of past experiences have taught me well on how to choose your local experience. They of course laughed at me. i simply said, enjoy the full experience.

So now, I am enjoying my afternoon by the open window over looking the garden below while at least two of my new friends are only having a view of porcelain. Sometimes you only have to experience things once,will see if they are quick studies.

We are off to Nakuru tomorrow, let the game drives begin…

Signing off tonight from Nairobi, Kenya.

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