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Featured on Today.com / MSNBC – March 2012

Travel photo of the day: Sugar-eating squirrel monkey

Squirrel monkey, Coca, Ecuador

Christy Prosser photographed this precocious squirrel monkey while traveling in Ecuador last April.

Prosser spent four days in the Amazon, seeing the region’s diverse wildlife. “The squirrel monkeys were certainly the most entertaining,” Prosser told TODAY.com.

She happened upon the monkey, who she dubbed “Sticky Fingers,” while sitting at a cafe in Coco, a small town in Ecuador that is used as a base to tour the Amazon basin via the Napo River.

“The little guy … scampered down from the pavilion and jumped onto one of the tables,” Prosser said. “She obviously was experienced in knowing what was in the canisters on the table. She knocked over a silver canister, as it fell onto its side, the top rolled off and she reached her paw in and grabbed a handful of sugar. Delighted by her success, she continued to grab handfuls of sugar and [licked] the granules from her fingers. The cook came running from across the walkway and shooed her off.”

Prosser, when not working as a Georgia public school educator, spends her breaks as a freelance photojournalist. To see more of Prosser’s photos, visit her website.

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Christy Prosser

Adventurer and Photojournalist exploring our world and capturing life as it unfolds along the way through photography.

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