Current Forecast: Rain in the Land of Llamas

The next adventure is in the making, the final airpasses are being confirmed, the backpacking gear check list is being reviewed.  One more pass of “need this” and “toss that” is carefully being done.  I keep reminding myself, the more you pack, just means the more you carry.  The ultimate goal, just one bag and that one bag not weigh 50 pounds.

The distance currently calculated, will be 7,835 air miles by 4 flights, 40 miles by foot, 40 miles by train and 20 miles by bike descending elevations from 13,778 feet, all to travel one giant circle. With a current forecast of RAIN!

With the distance being said the route begins in Lima, then east  for 200 air miles to Cuzco, several days to acclimate to the 11,000 foot high city, then onward by foot via the Inca Trek to the sacred city of Machu Picchu which lies only 40 km and 3000 meters below Cuzco, although we will pass over 13,000+ foot passes in the Andes before arriving in the sacred city to watch the sunrise at Iniputku.   Upon successful survival of this trek, return to Cuzco by train, then northwest  to Lima crossing the equatorial line back into the northern hemisphere and homeward bound.

Continue to follow, as I will post when i-net access is available.


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