Fire Trucks, Planes and 90% Chance of Rain

As all great adventures go, you would certainly hope the aspect of adventure is spread out over the duration of a trip and not necessarily bundled into one night, but the journey to Peru has been 3 years in the making and finally tonight I can say, I am almost there, almost in South America.

The days ahead will bring great adventure,  meeting new friends and new tales from the trails.  But getting to the “days ahead” already has had its own style of epic moments.   I have to almost wonder, where do I begin?

As any traveler knows, fire trucks and planes don’t go together especially when you are in the plane, albeit it’s not your plane, it’s still a moment of uncertainty and I assure you there is not a wasted moment of finding the exit row and curiously wondering, could I fit through the airplane portal window.  I assure you, I had convinced myself, I could!  And, I will say,  flashing red lights stopping under the wing of your aircraft has unimaginably great powers,  you just won’t believe all the things your mind can think of while watching bright red lights.

At this point, the distance traveled is 596 air miles, in other words, I have arrived in Miami.   The destination Lima, the backpack’s destination, La Paz.  Please note, this is two different countries.  Fortunately, the same continent.  The duration of travels will be hiking to Machu Picchu in the Urubamba Valley with a current forecast of 90% chance of rain on the day we begin and on the day we reach the sun gate.  But I am confident, between Canon camera technologies and photoshop, I am 100% positive I will be able to post pictures of gray clouds on facebook and if luck prevails, from the top of Dead Woman’s Pass, (and before you say anything, I do not intend to be the dead woman), I should be able to get an excellent picture of the clouds from above the clouds that are masking our view of Salkatney.  But, one should be reminded that when you choose to travel in the rainy season, there is a good chance its going to rain.

Regardless of the forecast of dismal weather, the next adventure has begun with all intents of having an amazing time in a new land and stepping foot on a new continent.  So bring forth the roasted guinea pig on a bob, cerviche and the American antibiotic Cipro.  Bring forth the clouds and gray skies, some of the best pictures come from cloudy days and trash bags may repel water better than north face rain gear.  Now, just two more plane flights to get to the destination, over land, over sea, over jungles, and deep into the mountain passes.  Another epic tale from the trails has begun.


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Adventurer and Photojournalist exploring our world and capturing life as it unfolds along the way through photography.

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